Bubble Trouble

As I painted “Bubble Trouble,” I felt a sense of playful exuberance. The colors were cascading freely from my brush, and the shapes were twirling and swirling across the canvas. I felt like I was channeling the energy of a glass of sparkling wine: the light and airy bubbles, the sweet and fruity flavor, and the sense of celebration.

I wanted to create a painting that would capture the feeling of bubbles and drippy wine without using any representational imagery. I chose to use light pinks, reds, whites, and burgundies to create a sense of lightness and airiness. I also used dripping brushstrokes to evoke a sense of movement and flow. The painting is full of life and energy. The bubbles seem to float and dance across the canvas, and the dripping wine appears to cascade down the sides. The viewer can almost feel the fizz of the bubbles on their tongue and the sweetness of the wine on their lips. The colors of light pinks, reds, whites, and burgundies create a sense of lightness, airiness, excitement, and celebration.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 in

Acrylic, Multimedia


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