LSU Cat. 18

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and the surrounding areas. The whole area was devastated by the storm and everything that happened after. During this terrible time, the entire community struggled to find their footing. So when the LSU football team won the national title 2 years later, the whole community celebrated as if the victory was their own… because it was. The LSU football team shines as a symbol of the resilience and power we all share, even in the most challenging and tragic times of our lives.

This painting was inspired by that time. It celebrates the resilience and power of the LSU football team, its fans, and the people of Louisiana. It reflects the team’s undivided attention and dedication and, more importantly, the passionate energy of the LSU community.

A tremendous purple and gold hurricane swirls at the center of the painting, surrounding a peaceful eye that looks unblinking back at the viewer. While the hurricane brought destruction, it also forged an unwavering desire to win in the LSU Tigers and the LSU community. The tranquil eye in the middle of the hurricane looks out of the chaos with an everlasting focus and determination that defines the entire LSU community.

The number 18 in the title of the artwork is also meaningful. It is a number that is only ever given to the best players in the LSU Football program. Only the most devoted and dedicated players can earn this number. By including it in the title of this piece, I wanted to remind us all of our own power, dedication, and resilience. These qualities are reflected in LSU football’s legacy and quality.

LSU Cat #18 is a one-of-a-kind and dramatic picture that honors the LSU football team, its ardent fans, and the people of Louisiana. It serves as a reminder that the LSU Tigers are always strong and unified, even in the face of the most powerful storms.

The painting is 60″ x 48″ and is gallery-wrapped on canvas and signed by the artist.


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Dimensions 40 × 30 in

Acrylic, Multimedia


Gallery-wrapped canvas