I’m so excited to share my Vineyard Dreams with you! It’s a series of paintings that celebrates the joy, beauty, and abundance of the vineyard, as well as the journey of self-discovery.

I wanted this collection of paintings to transport you to the vineyard. Imagine yourself surrounded by lush green vines, the sweet, intoxicating scent of grapes, and warm, gentle sunshine. Feel the sense of community and celebration that comes from sharing a glass of wine with friends. And reflect on your own journey of self-discovery, knowing that even when you are lost, you are never truly alone.

I hope you enjoy this collection of paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them. They are a reminder that life is simple, good, and full of possibility.


Welcome to the Small Wine Menagerie, where wine and elephants come together to celebrate life! In this whimsical collection of abstract paintings, I’ve captured the essence of these two magnificent creatures, their playful spirits, and the joy they bring to our world.

I’ve also collaborated with The Small Wine Shop to incorporate elements of their exclusive wine labels into each painting. It’s a way to bring people together and celebrate the simple pleasures in life, like a glass of wine with friends and family.

So come on in and explore the Small Wine Menagerie! Let’s raise a glass to life, love, and elephants!


I’m excited to share my vision of the deep ocean with you. Each painting in the collection is a unique journey into the depths, where vibrant colors and mesmerizing shapes come together to create a sense of wonder and awe.

I used teals, purples, whites, and black marks to create a sense of depth and complexity in my paintings. The organic shapes evoke the beauty and mystery of the deep sea.


Although I wasn’t born in New Orleans, LSU football is my blood. My family is from there. I am a Gulf Coast native from Biloxi, but I wore a groove into the road between Biloxi and New Orleans. So naturally, during football season, LSU took center stage! I’d gather family and friends at my Biloxi home every Saturday during the season to watch the Tigers play. We’d grill oysters, boil crawfish, and make gumbo and jambalaya, celebrating family, community, and culture.