LSU Football 2023

LSU Cat. 18

LSU Cat #18 is a large, textured painting in the vibrant colors of purple and gold. It symbolizes the resilience and perseverance of the LSU football team, its fans, and Louisianans. It honors the team’s dedication and devotion. LSU Cat #18 is a unique and powerful piece that will uplift all who view it.

The Cajun

THE CAJUN is a vibrant and energetic painting that celebrates the passion, enthusiasm, and unique culture of LSU Football fans in Louisiana. Bold colors, graffiti-style text, and symbolic imagery evoke a sense of pride and belonging for LSU fans everywhere.


Tiger Pride

Tiger Pride is a powerful and inspiring painting celebrating the LSU football team and its passionate fans. The iconic Death Valley stadium and the Tiger’s piercing gaze represent the team’s strength, determination, and resilience. The mighty oak tree in the background symbolizes the enduring support of the LSU community.

Geaux Tigers Love

Geaux Tigers Love is a vibrant and energetic painting that celebrates the love and passion of the LSU football community and Louisianans. The graffiti style evokes the cultural diversity and fervor of the LSU football experience. The painting serves as a reminder that we are all Geaux Tigers and that family is always there for one another through thick and thin.

LSU Football Is In My Blood

I am not from New Orleans, but my family is. During Football season, I would gather my family and friends at my Biloxi home every Saturday to watch the Tigers play. On game day, the energy was electric. We would all wear LSU colors and cheer our hearts out for the Tigers. We’d grill oysters, boil crawfish, and make gumbo and jambalaya. Taking full advantage of the crisp fall weather and the warmth of the fire, we’d enjoy the game and the food on the patio, even though the game was on in every room of the house.

It is not just these warm memories that make LSU football important to me. It connects me to my community and my culture. Through them, I learned teamwork, resilience, and passion. I am proud of my roots and the woman they made me.

I hope these paintings inspire and uplift other LSU fans and will keep the spirit of LSU football alive and well for years to come.