Vineyard Dreams

The Golden Glow

This painting is a vibrant and expressive reflection of my self-discovery journey. The bold yellow and brown strokes create a sense of movement and energy. I was inspired by a poem to create this painting, and that poem adds a layer of depth and meaning. This painting reminds us that even when lost, we are never truly alone.

Rosé Swirl

“Rose Swirl” is a playful and abstract painting that evokes the feeling of wine. Imagine standing in a lush green vineyard, surrounded by grapevines laden with ripe fruit. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair. Savor the sweet, intoxicating scent of the grapes. And let yourself be transported to a place where life is simple and good.

Bubble Trouble

Raise a glass to joy and celebration with the playful and whimsical abstract painting “Bubble Trouble.” Light pinks, reds, whites, and burgundies create a sense of lightness and airiness while dripping brushstrokes suggest the movement of bubbles rising to the surface of sparkling wine.

Rosé Sunset

Rosé Sunset is a deconstructed and reconstructed painting of a vineyard at sunset. It evokes a sense of freedom, liberation, and wonder. I hope it brings you the same joy that it brought me to create.